Frequently Asked Questions

How does Poof work?
Poof is a private chat app that allows you to have private and off the record conversations with others. Just invite or add a friend to Poof and start chatting. Anything you type in Poof stays until it is read and then self destructs thereafter, from your phone, from your friend’s phone and from all servers.
Is Poof a 100% secure and private texting app?
Yes. Once read, all messages and photos sent on Poof are permanently deleted from all devices and also our servers.
How do I know when my Poof contact has read my messages?
As soon as the recipient reads a message or a photo, they will start fading away and completely disappear in 60 seconds. The messages and photos will remain on your device until they are read by the recipient for 24 hours.
How can I delete the messages and photos that are still unread?
While poof deletes messages that are read, you can simply close a chat to delete all the unread messages and photos from your device. All unread messages will remain on the recipient’s device and the servers for 24 hours after which they will be permanently deleted.
How can I invite a friend to a Poof chat?
After downloading the app, you can invite any phonebook, email or whatsapp contact to a Poof chat. They will get a link from where they can download the app. As soon as they download the app a chat is initiated between the two of you.
How can I chat with a friend who is already has the Poof App?
You can add friends using their email address they used to sign up for Poof and a chat will be initiated between the two of you immediately.
When does a message or a photo start disappearing on Poof?
A message or a photo you send via Poof will remain on your and the recipient's device only till it’s read. Once read, the message and the photos will start disappearing. These will be deleted permanently in 60 seconds from all devices and our servers, leaving no trace.